Exploring Your Car’s Touch Screen

Most cars these days come with a new standard feature in the dashboard – a dazzling touch screen. In some models it’s known as an infotainment system and gone are the days when the only thing it controls is a navigation system. Typically, the higher the car’s price tag, the bigger the screen and the more features of the car it controls.


The Tesla Model S landed on the car scene with a lot of fanfare. Besides its snazzy features, self driving abilities, amazing fuel economy and electric power capacity, and sleek, modern design, it also features one of the largest touch screens currently on the market. You can learn more about all the car’s cool features at Cars.com. In terms of the screen, the car boasts a 17 inch version in the dashboard which is larger than many popular laptops you’ll find. This single screen manages the car’s audio and media, navigation features and all other aspects of the vehicle that can be customized and controlled by the driver.

BMW is a car company known for not sparing any expense when it comes to the bells and whistles in its vehicles. The 5 Series offers an impressive touch screen that doesn’t even require an actual touch to be controlled. The system can also be controlled with voice and gestures.


Known for its luxurious appointments, the Jaguar brand would be remiss if it too didn’t feature one of the market’s best touch screens. The XF series features just over a 10-inch screen in the dashboard from which drivers can control climate, performance aspects like suspension and transmission, media and navigations and tons more. You can check out the professional reviews at Cars.com to learn more about this cutting edge infotainment system and other car models that offer the latest and greatest touch screens on the market.